Pair the right people with the right projects. Optimize utilization. Forecast revenue. Give everyone the same up-to-the-minute information about who’s working on what when.

resource-schedulingThe Resource Scheduling module gives you easy-to-use tools for the ongoing task of assigning people to projects—and then turns that day-to-day information into the answers you need about hiring needs, utilization, revenue, and profitability.

Projector’s resource scheduling software is a flexible, configurable module that adapts to your organization’s business practices, people, and projects. It allows your project managers to define staffing needs and also helps resource managers decide how best to fulfill those requirements.

You can use Resource Scheduling with the Project Accounting, Project Management, and Advanced Analytics modules as a tightly integrated system.

Match People and Projects

The Resource Scheduling module gives you tools and visibility you need to:

  • Start projects faster
  • Model your staffing needs with precision
  • Increase resource utilization by more efficiently matching supply and demand
  • Increase employee morale and retention by taking skills, preferences, and professional development needs into account when making resource assignments
  • Gain visibility into future hiring, certification, and skill development needs
Visibility into Today and Tomorrow

Projector’s Resource Scheduling module provides an intuitive, graphical interface for matching projects with the right people. But that’s just the beginning.

It also combines future resource projections with historical actuals in a single system, giving you great visibility into your entire project’s profitability and performance to budget – even before the project is over. This provides an early warning mechanism that flags potential problems so you can do something about them before it’s too late.

Overall Supply and Demand Management

Projector’s macro-level tools allow users to understand the overall supply and demand for resources and skills within the organization. Our at-a-glance dashboards quickly show how busy resources are projected to be and on what sort of projects. It also brings to light which staffing needs have yet to be met and what kind of resources they require.

People and Project Matching

Projector’s scheduling workflow can be configured to allow project managers to request resources, and require resource managers to fulfill or approve those requests. Project managers can search for resources by skills, location, title, or other criteria, as well as by keyword within resumes on file. They can also model staffing needs with precision, down to hours on specific days if desired.

Projector provides tools to quickly identify potential candidates matched by acceptability and availability. Automated workflow emails and online alerts keep project managers, schedulers, and team members informed about requests and scheduling changes. Online dashboards provide managers with an intuitive “to-do list” of open resource requests that need to be addressed.

Powerful Operational and Financial Forecasting

Reports and dashboards consolidate day-to-day scheduling data to show you who’s projected to work on what, who’s available, and who’s overbooked. They also help you understand performance to budget at completion, instead of just performance to date.

Projector further gives you the ability to measure the profitability of fixed price projects before they’re complete. As a safeguard, you can set up automated emails to warn you if a project threatens to go over budget.

Projector’s Resource Scheduling module gives you a consolidated view of booked and pipeline business. Enter opportunities either directly into Projector, or automatically import them via our pre-built Salesforce connector. With this information, Projector can show factored revenue, profitability, utilization, staffing needs, and even forecast variance modeling, providing you with an unprecedented ability to plan for the future.