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Adaptive Resource Scheduling Software, Designed for Services


Resource Scheduling Software

Projector’s Resource Scheduling software provides convenient tools for the ongoing task of assigning people to projects—then distills that day-to-day information into necessary answers around hiring needs, resource utilization, revenue forecasts, and profitability.

The Resource Management software module is designed to balance the art and science of resource management in a professional services firm. Project managers can identify the type of skills, resource profiles, and staff needed for any given project — supporting resource managers as they determine how best to fulfill those requirements.

Resource planning and optimization is just one effort among a greater web of initiatives that every professional services organization faces on a daily basis.  Leveraging Project Accounting, Project Management, and Advanced Analytics in unison can help services organizations find an equilibrium, allowing teams to focus on what matters most: delivering great work.

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Projector’s Quantifiable Results

According to SPI Research’s comprehensive market report, Projector’s PSA platform drove an average of 7% higher billable utilization, 18% faster project staffing, and 8% more revenue per consultant than software from other commercial PSA vendors.


Higher billable utilization


Faster project staffing


More revenue per consultant

 To put that in perspective: a 5% increase in billable utilization leads to 100 additional hours per year per resource, meaning services organizations that use Projector deliver remarkable performance.

Resource Scheduling Software Features:

Rolling Wave Scheduling

The peaks and valleys that exist in professional services organizations are inevitable. Rolling Wave Scheduling is the process of resource planning in waves as a project proceeds, allowing for refinement as details evolve. With Projector, teams can schedule their work by day, week, or month. This functionality allows for hours to be spread across large timeframes far into the future, with the option to adjust as needed. Projector acts as a wave scheduling system that provides the tools needed to manage and maximize billable utilization in professional services. 

SmartMatch Resource Management Tool

Projector’s SmartMatch resource scheduling algorithm looks across multiple factors to identify the best-equipped resource for a project. Resources can be identified based on specific attributes, ranging from “required” to “preferred” to “acceptable” qualifications. This paints a truer picture of which resource(s) could successfully complete the task at hand. SmartMatch then balances those attributes against the flexibility within a resource’s existing bandwidth to ensure they have the capacity to deliver quality work – on time and under budget.

Revenue Forecasting

Reports and dashboards consolidate day-to-day resource scheduling data to reflect who is projected to work on what, who is available, and who is overbooked. They also aid in understanding performance to budget at completion, instead of just performance to date, effectively unlocking a view into the future.

Projector allows users to measure the profitability of fixed price projects before they are complete. As a safeguard, users can set up automated emails that act as warnings for projects that are at risk of going over budget.

Projector’s Resource Scheduling software module provides a consolidated view of both booked business and the pipeline opportunities, which together form the basis of a robust, accurate revenue forecast. Enter opportunities either directly into Projector, or automatically import them via our Salesforce or Dynamics CRM connector. Projector leverages this information to show factored revenue, maximize profitability, improve utilization, fulfill staffing needs, and model forecast variances, providing an unprecedented ability to plan for the future.

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