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More Than Just PSA Software

Services are our DNA. With a diverse team of professional services veterans, we understand what it takes to manage and grow a world-class services organization. By adopting an industry-focused PSA application, you gain access to a deep bench services experience. Projector’s consulting and support teams provide best practices and personalized solutions, so organizations can quickly move past obstacles to delivering quality, profitable work.

Always Supported

We’re Here to Help

Projector’s customer success team is structured to seamlessly match your organization’s culture of excellence. With the average inquiry resolved fully and completely within hours instead of days, our teams goal is to minimize any disruption to your business and maximize the value of your PSA implementation. Projector also provides comprehensive product documentation around both the “why” and the “how,” empowering your teams to efficiently self-service their needs.

Shepherding Change

Implementation Consulting

If universities offered degrees in professional services, our consultants would be the professors. Projector PSA’s consulting team has extensive knowledge of services operations and Projector’s best-of-breed capabilities. They provide a structured, intuitive, and collaborative onboarding process that is half system implementation and half management consulting.

Professional Services Automation: A Quick Primer

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New to the world of PSA software? Download our e-book to explore how PSA software can help organizations grow faster and operate more efficiently. 

Enabling Success

Custom Training

Proper training is essential to strong adoption of any business application. When it comes to training, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Train the trainer or train your whole team, we take a customized approach to fit the needs of your organization. 

Growing Together

Projector Community

All Projector users have access to the Projector Community to explore new topics and share best practices. In addition to community events, the Projector Community portal provides easy access to the community’s collective learnings. Projector’s library of community tools includes:

  • An expansive library of webinars complete with content-oriented time stamps.
  • Short tutorial videos that cover basic and complex topics in a few minutes.
  • Training assets focused on Projector functionality and best practices.
  • Articles written by professional service leaders discussing the latest industry trends.
  • Hand curated playlists targeted at specific roles in common professional services organizations.

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