Maximize your ROI with Projector PSA’s implementation consulting, custom training, and custom software development services.

Implementation Consulting

Prior to committing to a Projector implementation, you’ll understand the keys to a successful rollout, the effort you will expend, and the money you will spend, as well as how you can prepare for and minimize the cost of deployment. It begins with the sales process, and doesn’t end after the “go-live” date, but once your organization is confidently using Projector. We know that implementation is not a one-size-fits-all process, and will tailor the process to suit your organization’s needs.

The goal of implementation consulting is to maximize the benefit your organization gets from Projector, and minimize the total cost. It’s not required, but we do highly recommend that you engage a knowledgeable Projector implementation consultant to lead the process. We also suggest that you do as much of the implementation work as you can in-house (as that’s the best training there is), using the consultant as your guide.

Projector PSA will provide suggestions for refining your organizational structure, developing key metrics, planning the phases of your deployment, and choosing how to use Projector to best meet your business goals. We can also help with loading the data from your current systems into Projector, as well as configuring the pre-built integrations with accounting and CRM systems.

Our sales team will be glad to provide an estimate for consulting and training tailored to your organization’s needs. The process generally starts with an hour-long discovery session with one of our implementation consultants so that we can provide an accurate estimate. The consulting and training effort depends on many factors, including your organization’s ability to assist with the implementation, the ways in which you’ll use Projector, the number of users, the geographic diversity of your organization, the number and types of businesses to be supported by Projector, and systems integration requirements.

Custom Training

We provide all training on a custom basis, because different organizations configure and use Projector very differently. We typically train based on role (such as project manager, account manager, resource scheduler, resource manager, time/expense reporter, operations manager and finance manager) to ensure the training is as targeted and as relevant as possible for your team.

We can do anything from train-the-trainer training, which is cost effective and also facilitates organizations to be self-sustaining after we leave, to executing all the training ourselves. We can provide generic training material or customized process flow charts and standard operating procedures, all depending on the level of support you’re looking for.

Custom Software Development

Whether you’re looking for a customized bonus calculation module, a tailor-made executive dashboard, a feed into a corporate data warehouse or integration with other systems, our development team can create new, add-on functionality using Projector’s web services. In many cases, we can re-use custom software developed for other customers to minimize the time and effort required.

Projector PSA can also create customer-funded functionality that becomes part of the Projector product itself. This functionality becomes available to all Projector users, and is supported as part of regular subscription support.